We are dedicated to providing you with the safest and most economical solution for all your asbestos requirements.

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Are you asking yourself “who can provide safe and reliable asbestos collection near me?”

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Do you need professional asbestos removal in Melbourne?

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If You Need Your Asbestos

Removed, Collected or Want to Check for With an Asbestos Survey, We Can Help.

AboutExpress Asbestos Removal

We specialise in removing asbestos in Metropolitan Melbourne and Country Victoria. Our services include Asbestos Removals, Asbestos Collections and Surveys. We have helped thousands of customers with removing of unwanted asbestos, in and around Burwood and the South East of Melbourne.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide you from your initial enquiry right through to when we have completely removed and left you without an asbestos problem anymore!

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Asbestos Testing and Removal in Melbourne

Are you looking for an asbestos removalist in Melbourne who can assist with removing asbestos for bathroom renovations, house demolitions and shed or garage demolition and removal? At Express Asbestos Solutions, we can be relied on to provide safe and effective professional asbestos removals. We take measures to prevent asbestos from being disturbed and becoming airborne, keeping you and others safe when building work is underway.

Our Services

Our licensed asbestos contractor offers a range of services for Melbourne homes and workplaces, including:

  • Professional asbestos removals – We can remove asbestos from roofs, walls and floors safely and quickly.
  • Asbestos collection – We can wrap asbestos, load it onto a van, and transport it to a government approved hazardous waste transfer station for disposal.
  • Asbestos testing – We can take samples of materials suspected of containing asbestos and test them in a laboratory for confirmation using the latest tools and techniques.
  • Asbestos surveys – We can conduct surveys for domestic houses, flats, small offices and larger commercial buildings before building or renovation work to satisfy legal requirements. We can also perform an air test after removals to confirm the area is free from asbestos.

Following completion of a job, we’ll provide you with a copy of the waste consignment note as proof that we’ve acted in accordance with government legislation and regulations.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose Express Asbestos Solutions for asbestos testing and removal in Melbourne, some of which include:

  • We’re dedicated to providing domestic and commercial clients with the safest, quickest and most affordable asbestos solutions
  • We’ve helped thousands of clients in and around Burwood and south east Melbourne with removing unwanted asbestos from buildings, sheds and garages
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide you each step of the way, from the initial enquiry through to the final clean up after asbestos has been removed

In addition, our licensed asbestos removalists operate throughout Melbourne inner south east suburbs which means they can provide assistance to thousands of people. Our services are accessible to domestic and commercial clients alike based in and around the following suburbs:

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Express Asbestos Solutions is one of the leading asbestos removal companies in Melbourne. Enquire today to book our services or request a quote by calling 0427 150 500 or messaging us online. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our ClientsTestimonials

We are dedicated to providing you with the safest and most economical solution for all your asbestos requirements.

Connected with Express Asbestos Solutions through hipages.com.au and we have confirmed that they would recommend them

Madeline S

Yes, they did a fantastic job identifying the material and did a great job clearing it out in a safe manner

Ricardo F

Justin was brilliant on time job done professionally would recommend using Justin for your asbestos removal



Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally and boasts properties that make it resistant to heat, corrosion and electricity. These properties once made asbestos a popular material for construction and a range of other applications, until the dangers of using it began to become apparent. There are 6 different types of asbestos, which means asbestos can vary in colour and appearance. Professional asbestos removal companies are trained to identify these different types of asbestos and ensure safe removal and disposal.

The 6 types of asbestos are:

  • Chrysotile asbestos – The most common type of asbestos. Often found in roofing, walls and flooring of older buildings and has a white appearance.
  • Crocidolite asbestos – Once used for insulation of steam engines and as an ingredient in cement products. Has a blue appearance.
  • Amosite – Once popular for insulating pipes. Has a brown appearance.
  • Tremolite – A fibrous material that is often found in Chrysotile asbestos.
  • Actinolite – Contains concentrated levels of magnesium. Can be green, blue, white or yellow in appearance, making identification difficult.
  • Anthophyllite – One of the most likely types of asbestos to be inhaled. Commonly part of other asbestos forms.

In older homes, asbestos may be present in exterior fibre cement cladding and weatherboards, artificial brick cladding, corrugated cement roofing, flue pipes, vinyl floor tiles, textured paint, bathroom linings, cement pipe columns, ceiling insulation, and insulation on hot water pipes, heaters and stoves. If you suspect your home could contain asbestos, arranging an inspection with licensed asbestos removalists is the best way to keep you and your family safe.

Yes, asbestos is a carcinogenic material that’s very harmful. When asbestos fibres are breathed in, they can become permanently trapped within the body, causing issues such as inflammation, scarring and cancer. The effects of asbestos accumulate with every exposure, and there is no way to reverse the damage it causes.

You can’t identify asbestos simply by looking at it, as the fibres are very small and difficult to distinguish. Asbestos was outlawed in 2003 for its severe health risks, which means older homes and buildings which haven’t been renovated are likelier to have it. If you suspect that asbestos might be present, you should arrange testing by a professional, after which it can be safely removed and disposed of.

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